Escape Rooms

CSI: Missing

Fresh out of forensic science you and your crew score your first case in the field. Mary Creek is a small town that has had 7 disappearances in the past two years, the most recent being a 25 year old named Terry-Lynn Gold.

Terry-Lynn never made it home from her Friday night shift at the local feed mill. The authorities do have some leads that they haven't released to the public in hopes that the killer will attempt another abduction and slip up this time. You and your crew have joined the search party as regular civilians in hopes to find more clues to this case. Deep into the forest you lose track of time and direction, you suddenly realize that you have no reception on your phones and don't know East from West. You stumble upon what looks to be an abandoned house, but once inside you quickly realize that it is not abandoned at all. A piece of clothing indicates that Terry-Lynn has been, or still is, present in this house. Your adrenaline is at it's peak as reality hits you when you realize that you could come face to face with the serial killer. With only a bag of tools and a few clues your every instinct tells you to run, but where will you go? You are lost. What if she is still alive and you are her only hope. Do you have what it takes to stay and solve this case? Or will you run and hope for the best.

Full 60 minute experience.

4 – 8 players. Payment for at least 4 players required. ages 8+

(player discretion advised)

$26.55  Per person, plus tax.

Game Level: Hard

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Impeach the President : Escape from the Oval Office

You've heard the rumours, now here's your chance to venture into the White House and expose the corrupt President in - Impeach the President: Escape from the Oval Office. As secret agents you'll pose as a cleaning crew and sneak into the famous Oval Office where the tyrant conducts his questionable affairs to try and gather evidence that will hopefully lead to his impeachment. The fate of the American people is in your hands, will your team prevail?

Full 60 minute experience.

4 – 8 players. Payment for at least 4 players required.

All Ages. $26.55 Per person, plus tax.

Game Level: Medium

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Wizard School Escape

You Wizards have all been cursed and stripped of your powers! In order to regain your powers you must first get on a train to the Wizarding school, sneak into the closed school past the caretaker, and find the antidote that returns you to your normal form. You better act quickly! The caretaker has just left and will be back in one hour. Can you find the antidote before time runs out?

Full 60 minute experience.

4 – 10 players. Payment for at least 4 players required.

Ages 8+ required. $30.97 Per person, plus tax.

Game Level: Medium

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Save The Princess

The evil King Bozo has kidnapped the princess and locked her in the Tower. He has set booby traps to fail any rescue attempts. The only chance that you and your crew have to rescue the princess is during his nap time. You must sneak into the castle picking up clues along the way and solve the puzzles that will lead you too the princess. Saving the princess will be the easier part of your task, all of you escaping with the princess without waking up King Bozo will not be as easy. If he is awaken your time will decrease and your chances escaping with the princess will be GONE! Choose your crew wisely because only the strong will survive.

Full 45 minute experience.

2-4 players. Payment for at least 2 players required.

All Ages. $20.00 Per Person, plus tax.

Game Level: Easy

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Privet Drive

A young wizard is locked inside his bedroom under the stairs. His evil guardians are determined to stop him from going to wizard school and becoming the greatest wizard of all time. Can you safely sneak into his house and help him escape this unpaved fate that his guardians have laid out for him?
Full 60 minute experience.

4 – 8 players. Payment for at least 4 players required.

All Ages. $26.55  Per person, plus tax.

Game Level: Difficult.

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