About Us

What makes Oshawa Escape Rooms so special?

Oshawa Escape Rooms is a family owned business that thrives on customer satisfaction. Our facility is family friendly and wheelchair accessible. We first started out as customers at all the other escape rooms enjoying the adventures ourselves and eventually it became a passion to want to open one up. What could we do to our escape room that would make us stand out from others? We did our homework and took surveys on things that people didn’t like about escape rooms and made sure that we didn’t apply them to ours. The number one thing that people disliked about escape rooms was the mixing of groups; WE DO NOT MIX GROUPS. This is a team building adventure and we let you choose your own team and play with them only. The second most disliked thing we found was having to rush in and out of the room. We have our rooms booked with enough time in between bookings to allow extra time for each group to finish if it’s needed to and if you’re 10-15 minutes late it won’t cut into your playing time. Besides, we want your input on the room and we’re always looking to improve. The third thing we found that people most dislike was lack of clues. We feel that the amount of clues needed or used should be up to you since it is your experience, therefore we offer unlimited clues.

We also offer  drinks for $1 for our guests and provide free lockers for all your belongings.

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