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Oshawa Escape Rooms provide interactive puzzle-filled environments that challenge you to think your way out of a locked room. Hidden objects, codes, puzzles, and secret areas all stand between you and your final goal - obtain the key and escape the room! Only by working together with your team will you find the solution.

Please arrive on time for your game (no more than 10 minutes early). Late arrivals or no-shows will not be refunded.


Hours of Operation

Monday:   Closed
Tuesday:   4PM - 10PM
Wednesday:   4PM - 10PM
Thursday:   4PM - 10PM
Friday:   4PM - 10PM
Saturday:   12PM - 10PM
Sunday:   12PM - 6PM

The Office Job

Important files have been stolen. It's now up to you to get them back! You have 60 minutes to access the CEO's safe, retrieve the classified documents and escape before the next guard patrol comes by. Your team will need to utilize logical thinking, keen observation skills, and communicate if you're going to be successful...

Full 60-minute experience. 3-8 players. All ages. Book online.

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Welcome to Sirris Academy! You’ve been hired by a group of concerned parents to investigate the private school their children attend. Posing as cleaning staff, you and your team gain access to the building, but only have an hour before REAL staff arrive and you’re discovered. What’s going on at Sirris Academy? Only you can find out...

Full 60-minute experience. 3-8 players. All ages. Book online.

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The Nightmare Man

A series of disappearances leads your team of investigators to a very unlikely suspect: Tiana Baxter, an 8-year-old Sirris Academy student. Are the disappearances somehow her doing? Or is her sinister invisible friend more than he seems? You must work together to uncover the truth and escape before you and your group become the newest victims of The Nightmare Man!

Full 60-minute experience. 3-8 players. Book online.

**Experience may be disturbing to some individuals**
Player discretion is advised

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The Dream

Somehow you’ve found yourself trapped in the strangest of dreams. Use your logic and wits to see if you can wake up before time runs out.

45-minute experience. 2-4 players. All ages. Walk-ins accepted, or book online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An escape room is a fully interactive escape experience. You and your group will need to discover puzzles and challenges, access secret areas, and crack codes in order to unlock the final door and escape.

Due to safety reasons, we won't really be "locking" you inside the room. You may freely leave the room, whenever you wish.

No. This isn't SAW. There are no startles, scares or horror elements in our games. We focus on fun and challenging elements, rather than agitating our players.

Yes the games are appropriate for ages 8 and up. Infants and strollers can be brought into the game room, but we aren’t child proof, safe or suitable for toddlers. All players under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

The game themes are appropriate for children since they don't include any horror or violent elements, but the puzzle difficulty is more suitable for adults. Kids will enjoy hunting for clues and opening locks, but adults will be required to think through and solve most of the puzzles.

The puzzles will be a good challenge for a group of adults to solve but are by no means impossible for newcomers. If you’re a puzzle expert, you will recognize some puzzle styles and strategies.

Aim to arrive on time or slightly earlier than your appointment time (no more than 10 minutes early, please). This will allow us to greet you and explain the games properly. We might also give you a few "Beginner's Tips". Everyone will enjoy their time, as long as they are ready to think.

We discourage taking videos or photos in our rooms. We like to prevent any spoilers or reveals from appearing online or ruining the experience for future players. We always take a group photo after the game, free of charge.

No. All of our games are private experiences, which means that when you book you will only be playing with your group for the entire game.

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